Each year the school, Board and P&C work together to propose areas that funds may be allocated according to the Business Plan and the school community wishes.

The school co-funds many projects with the P&C, which demonstrates the strong relationship between the school, Board and P&C. The generosity of parents and the school community paying the the P&C General Levy and the P&C Infrastructure Levy along with the co-funding from the school and various fundraising events, allows many projects and initiatives to be achieved throughout the school year.

The P&C and school are grateful for the generosity of its parents and the following projects would not have been completed without this support.

2022 P&C Projects

  • Nature Playground (Phase 1) Click here to see the Phase 1 and 2 plans!
  • Kindy Landscaping
  • Flexible Furniture in Year 3
  • Pre-primary Magic Show
  • Lake Leschenaultia and Kindy Camps
  • World Teachers’ Day “Thank you”
  • End of Year Junkadelic and Barzilian Food Truck Event
  • Lego Competition
  • Outdoor Learning Area Busy Bee
  • Pre-primary Busy Bee
  • Mother’s Day Thermomix Raffle
  • Athletics Carnival Bake Sale
  • Year 4 Mosaic

2021 P&C Projects

  • New Bike Racks
  • 70th Birthday Celebrations
  • Outdoor Learning Area Furniture
  • School Flagpoles
  • Flexible Furniture in Year 4
  • Construction Equipment for Year 1 and 2
  • Pre-primary playground improvement
  • Interschool Sports Uniform
  • Parent Information Sessions

2020 P&C Projects

  • Flexible Furniture
  • Music Room Upgrade (new windows, repaint, re carpet and upgrade storage units for the musical instruments)

 2019 P&C Projects

Click on the links below to find out more about each project: