Floreat Park Primary School began when expenditure was approved for a new school to be built on the current grounds in 1949 at a cost of £28,000. Construction of Floreat Park Primary School was initiated in December 1948, when it was considered that a six roomed school would meet the district’s educational requirements for a considerable period of time. In 1951 the school was handed over to the Education Department, by which time the demand for enrolment was in excess of that anticipated; so great was the growth of private dwellings in the district.

In June 1953, due to the rapidly expanding community with the subdivision of Floreat Park,  4 demountable classrooms were added. Within a further 12 months, another 4 demountables were added and two brick classrooms were built. In 1955, a verandah was constructed on the north-eastern side of one of the units for protection from the sun. A purpose built library was opened in 1987 followed by the creation of the covered outdoor learning area.

The global financial crisis of 2007- 2010 instigated every school in the country benefitting from additional buildings; ‘Building the Education Revolution’ (BER) . After consultation with the school community, Floreat Park Primary School selected a design that incorporated space for the arts and additional classrooms.

Recent enrolment growth facilitated the building of permanent Pre-primary classrooms close to McLean Park which were completed at the end of 2017. The Early Learning Centre (formally pre-primary classrooms) on Birkdale Street now houses our kindergarten program.