Floreat Park Primary School P&C is a parent group made up of members from our school body.  The objective of our P&C is to cultivate a strong sense of community which allows our children to thrive at school.

Our meetings provide a forum where parents can openly discuss school and P&C initiatives and work together to achieve set objectives.

P&C meetings are an excellent way to find out what is going on in the school and to meet other parents. We encourage all parents to attend the P&C meeting and have a say in any decisions put forward by the school community.

To be able to vote at the meeting we ask you to please complete the P&C membership form and pay the membership fee of $1 via the QKR App.

This needs to be done prior to the meeting.

P&C Meetings schedule

  • The P&C meets once a term, alternating between Tuesday and Thursday evenings.
  • They run from 7.00 – 8.30pm.
  • Meetings are held in the school library.  An online option is also available upon request.
  • One meeting a year is held in the Kindy on Birkdale Street, Floreat.
  • All members of the school community are welcome to attend the P&C meeting.

2023 P&C Meeting Dates

  • Term 1 : Thursday 9 March 2023
  • Term 2 : Tuesday 30 May 2023
  • Term 3 : Thursday 31 August 2023
  • Term 4 : Tuesday 14 November 2023

2023 P&C Executive team members

President David Hollingworth
Vice PresidentStephanie Knell
SecretaryGrace Rooks
TreasurerRyan Dunne
Comms & Class Rep CoordinatorSiobhan Creamer
Grounds Alivia Chamberlain
EventsJen Wilding
SustainabilityEbony Frost
General Exec MemberSharon Potts

2023 P&C Sub-committees

The Canteen Sarah Oliver
Uniform Shop Anna Lindsay Taylor & Dina McWilliam
Floreat Dads Position Open

2023 P&C Other Duties

Sick BayMaria Salpietro
Book Fair Co-ordinatorKerrie Chapman