Floreat Park Primary School has a proud sporting history.

Our students are passionate about their faction house, with a keen interest to do their best whilst showing great sportsmanship.

We have four factions – Beecroft (blue), Perry (green), Reabold (yellow) and Chandler (red). Children will be designated a faction when they commence at our school, and usually siblings will be in the same faction.

These factions have a rich local history, as noted in a brief summary below.


Bertha Beecroft was a member of the Perth City Council from 1954-1984 and was Deputy Lord Mayor of Perth from 1976-1977.

She was the first female chair for the Lotteries Commission of Western Australia, was on the Board of Visitors of Claremont Hospital; a member of the Board of the WA Opera Society and president of the WA Ladies Hockey Association.

She also served on the board of management of Mosman Park School for the Deaf and was president of the Western Australian Women’s Council of the Liberal Party. Bertha Beecroft was made a member of the Order of the British Empire in 1972 for her community service.


Joseph Perry purchased the land around Reabold Hill in 1879. He was a well-known herdsman and horse breaker. He kept horses and cattle on the flats around Perry Lakes and Herdsman Lake. He built a house on the slopes of Reabold Hill, and decided to keep the quarry and lime kilns at Reabold Hill so that he could sell the limestone to help build some of the City’s new buildings like Perth Town Hall.

The two lakes, which originally occupied the area owned by Joseph Perry helped name the area. In 1962 the area would house the stadium that hosted the British Empire and Commonwealth Games and Perry Lakes became known as a place where sporting dreams were achieved.


Reabold Hill is located in Floreat, and at 93 metres above sea level, is the highest peak in Perth. From the top of the hill you can see to the city, and out to Rottnest. It originally was called One Tree Hill. In 1839 Henry Trigg built kilns and quarried limestone to provide building material for some of Perth’s first buildings. It was then known as Limekiln Estate.

In 1916 Mr Frank Rea, the Mayor of Perth, renamed One Tree Hill to Reabold Hill by combining his name with that of William Bold who was the Perth Town Clerk in the early 1900s. His plan was to encourage tourists and locals to enjoy Reabold Hill’s view of Perth and the ocean, just like they had in the 1800s.


Thomas Charles Chandler was born in 1873, and became a well-respected member of the Perth community. He became a teacher, and in 1913 was appointed as headmaster of Perth Boy’s School, the largest three-year secondary school in the state. He was recognised for his leadership and caring teaching style.

Thomas Chandler believed that physical training is very important in a school timetable. He himself enjoyed a variety of sports. Chandler taught English, but also believed that physical education was equally important, and often changed the timetable so the boys enjoyed more fitness training in a day. Thomas Chandler played cricket, tennis, golf, and bowls.

After Thomas Chandler died, the City of Perth named the street which Floreat Park Primary School was later built on, as Chandler Avenue.