As part of the school’s Business Planning on the continual improvement in ICT to support teaching and learning, they’ve been replacing the failing interactive whiteboards/projectors with interactive touch panel displays.

In 2017, the school paid for 6 news screens to replace the worst of the interactive boards. In 2018 the P&C funded the cost of 5 more with the school purchasing a further 1. The plan was for the P&C to fund a further 4 screens in 2020.

In September 2019 an offer was presented by a supplier that gave a significant discount on the type of screen previously installed. The offer was due to the newer screen version being released and the supplier having 100 remaining previous versions.

The cost to complete the 3 remaining screens, plus 2 in Kindy, 1 in the music room and 1 in the Italian Room would mean an overall saving of about $14,000. This would mean that every teaching space from K to Year 6 had a modern screen rather than an outdated projector. This opportunity was discussed and supported by the School Board at their meeting on September 10.

The P&C and the school co-funded the final screens and they have now been installed. It is very exciting to note that all students can now benefit from interactive screens across the whole school – a great achievement!