Floreat Park Primary School

The beginning of Floreat Park Primary School occurred when expenditure was approved for the new school on 22nd February 1949 at a cost of £28,000.

Departmental action on the construction of Floreat Park Primary School was initiated in December 1948, when it was considered that a six roomed school would meet the district’s educational requirements for a considerable period of time.

In 1951 the school was handed over to the Education Department, by which the demand for enrolment was in excess of that anticipated, so great was the growth of private dwellings in the district.

In June 1953, due to the rapidly extending community with the subdivision of Floreat Park, within 6 months, 4 prefabs were added. Within a further 12 months, another 4 prefabs were added and two brick classrooms were built. In 1955, a verandah was constructed on the north-eastern side of one of the units for protection from the sun.

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