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Reporting to Parents Policy

The Reporting to Parents Policy is available to view HERE

Anaphylaxis Management Policy Updated Policy-August 2015

Anaphylaxis is a severe, rapidly progressive allergic reaction that is potentially life threatening. The most common allergens in school aged children are peanuts, eggs, tree nuts (e.g. cashews), cow’s milk, fish and shellfish, wheat, soy, sesame and certain insect stings (particularly bee stings). The key to prevention of anaphylaxis in schools is knowledge of the student who has been diagnosed as at risk, awareness of allergens, and prevention of exposure to those allergens. Partnerships between schools and parents/guardians are important in helping the student avoid exposure. Adrenaline given through an adrenaline autoinjector (such as an EpiPen® or Anapen®) into the muscle of the outer mid thigh is the most effective first aid treatment for anaphylaxis. Read the full policy HERE.

Attendance Policy
The DET Attendance Policy states the principal is responsible for the accurate recording and rigorous monitoring of the attendance of all students and for implementing appropriate strategies to restore attendance if there are attendance issues. Read the full policy here.
Behaviour Management Policy

Floreat Park Primary School aims to:

  • Create a positive environment within the school and classroom so that the teachers and students can work together in harmony;
  • Create a caring school environment where the rights and responsibilities of the individual are recognised and respected;
  • Recognise those members of the school community whose exemplary behaviour promotes a positive and caring school environment;
  • Establish a set of rules that protect the rights of all individuals;
  • Establish a clear set of consequences for individuals who do not accept their responsibilities and break rules, so that they are encouraged to recognise and respect the rights of others; and
  • Establish procedures so that conflicts can be resolved in a positive non-violent manner.

Read the full policy HERE.

Class Placement Policy

PURPOSE: Floreat Park Primary School creates its class structure based upon the professional judgements of staff, with the aim of providing the best learning environment for each student. PROCESS:

  • The administration team establishes class structure options for the following year based upon anticipated enrolments, in accordance with the
  • Schools Education Act Employees’ General Agreement 2014.
  • The Principal advises parents, via the school newsletter, that student placements are being considered for the following year.
  • Once class structures have been finalised, generally late in Term 4, teachers meet to establish class lists for the following year.

Read the full policy and frequently asked questions here.

Complaints Policy

The Complaints Policy is available to view HERE

Dress Code

The school dress code reflects the standards expected of students and promotes a positive image of the school. The benefits of a dress code include:

  • promoting safety of students through easier identification; and
  • assisting students to learn the importance of appropriate presentation • keeping costs within reasonable limits for parents.

All students are expected to meet dress requirements unless an exemption has been granted. Exemptions are managed according to the principles of equity, fairness and consistency. They may be formal or informal and cover short or long term periods. Students who do not comply with school dress requirements may be prevented from any activity in which the student is representing the school provided, in the opinion of the principal, it is not part of the educational program. Changes to dress requirements are based on information from regular reviews and are developed in collaboration with staff, students, their parents and the School Council. Parents are asked at the time of enrolment to take responsibility for outfitting their children according to the requirements. Parents will be informed, in writing, about the school’s dress requirements. Enrolment is not conditional upon agreement. Read the full policy HERE.

Head Lice Policy

This school policy outlines the roles and responsibilities of the school community in its efforts to control head lice.  Evidence shows that we can not eradicate head lice however, we can reduce the number of cases if we all work together in a coordinated manner. This school policy draws on information obtained from the Department of Education (Head Lice – Best Practice Guidelines) and the Department of Health (Head Lice Fact Sheet). To read the policy click here.

Incoming Sponsorship to Schools Policy

The Floreat Park Primary School Board abides the Department of Education’s Incoming Sponsorship to Schools Policy. Read the full policy HERE

Homework Policy
Homework supports higher levels of student achievement by extending the time available for them to revise and reflect on the skills and concepts learned at school, explore new ideas and situations which are relevant to the curriculum. Read the full policy HERE.
Media Policy
This media policy is devised to ensure that the School speaks with a strong factual voice on all matters pertaining to its operations and values. This policy identifies a protocol to be followed in relation to media contact, and procedures to be followed to ensure that positive outcomes are maximised for the School. The policy is relevant to anyone working in the School, or acting on behalf of the school, who interacts with the general media. Read the full policy HERE.
Medication Administration Policy
It is preferable for medication to be administered out of school, or by the student himself/herself. The school Medication Administration policy complies with DET Health Care policy (1). Where this is not possible, the school’s Medication Administration policy aims to put practices in place for safeguarding the health care of all students. Read the full policy HERE.
Mobile Phone Policy
As parents/guardians wish to provide their children with mobile phones for safety, and other reasons, it is necessary to protect staff and students from disruption in classrooms and to maintain good order. The school has developed the following policy for management of student mobile phones. This policy details the conditions under which mobile phones are permitted at Floreat Park Primary School. Read the full policy HERE.
Seesaw Policy

The Seesaw Policy is available to view HERE

Department of Education Enrolment Policy

Click here to view the Department of Education Enrolment Policy

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