School Charges and Voluntary Contributions

Floreat Park Primary School

The Floreat Park Primary School Board has endorsed the schedule of Contributions and Charges for 2020 in accordance with the School Education Regulations 2000 as part of the School Education Act 1999.

The schedule is made up of the following:

1. Voluntary School Contribution
School contributions are voluntary and have been set at $60.00 per child.

2. P&C Voluntary Contributions
Infrastructure Levy $102.00
P&C Contribution $152.00

3. Student Personal Items Lists
Students will receive a list of items at the end of the school year in readiness for the following year. These items can be ordered on line and delivered to your door. Charges vary depending on your child’s year level.

4. Options
Some students will be involved in optional subjects or programs that will incur a fee. Furthermore, the provision of excursions or incursions may also incur a cost to parents. These will be communicated to you via an invoice each term. We ask that parents pay invoices prior to the commencement of the activity.

Parents are encouraged to make payments via direct debit in to the school bank account, as follows:

  • BSB: 306 050
  • Account number: 4163798
  • Please reference your student name, year and the activity for which you are paying. 
  • Visa and Mastercard details or cheques can be deposited into the Drop Box located in the office, using the envelopes supplied.  Please use the envelopes provided including your child’s name, room number, activity/contributions and amount payable.
  • The full document can be viewed here.
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