Independent Public School

Floreat Park Primary School

Overview of the Independent Public Schools Initiative

IPS drawingThe Independent Public Schools initiative honours a State Government pre-election commitment to hand greater control to schools.

In collaboration with their school community, Independent Public Schools set their own strategic directions, have authority for day-to-day decision making and are in an ideal position to make decisions that best cater for their students. Parents and community members have an important and enhanced role in this initiative.

In order to operate with more autonomy, Independent Public Schools are afforded a number of flexibilities. This means that they can select staff, manage their financial affairs through a one line budget, select school development day dates, approve leave applications, determine the curriculum that best supports students’ needs, as well as manage school utilities (electricity, water, gas and waste management) and faults (breakdowns and repairs).

Although they are called Independent Public Schools, these schools remain part of the public school system.


Delivery and Performance Agreement and Business Plan 2015-2017

All Independent Public schools must negotiate a Delivery and Performance Agreement (DPA) which is signed by the Principal, Chair of the School Board and Director General. This agreement identifies the resources the school will receive; support that will be provided, programs it will be contracted to deliver; student achievement and how it will be monitored; and the performance and accountability of the school over the life of the agreement.

The DPA outlines the requirement to develop an effective Business Plan. This three-year strategic plan aligns with, and has the same time span, as the Delivery and Performance Agreement.  The DPA and Business Plan also form the basis of the Principal’s Professional Review.

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