September 23, 2016


I am very pleased to announce that Jane Rowlands, a highly respected and credentialed educator and leader, has been endorsed as the permanent Principal of Floreat Park Primary School.

Jane’s appointment follows a thorough merit selection process and is currently subject to, as is standard, the WA Public Sector four business day breach period.

Given that it is the last day of term 3 however, the Department of Education has given me approval to announce Jane as the successful applicant to our staff and school community so together we end this term with clarity on our all-important Principal’s position.

Jane will begin at our school at the beginning of term four, participating in the staff development day on Monday October 10 before students resume on Tuesday October 11.

For the past three years, Jane has worked in the Department of Education’s Statewide Services area as a Principal Advisor in Literacy and Numeracy, supporting schools across the state to implement effective changes in literacy and numeracy practices. Previous to this appointment, Jane was Principal of Kapinara Primary School for nine years, leading that school up to and following its appointment as an Independent Public School (IPS).

Jane’s wide-ranging experience includes various deputy principal and acting principal positions and primary school teaching positions, including time in 1989 as a year 7 teacher at Floreat Park Primary School!

We are very fortunate to welcome Jane into our school community and I’m sure we’ll all be keen to talk with her and get to know her in her first few, dare I say, very busy weeks at Floreat.

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and sincerely thank Michael McInerheney who, as our Principal since July last year, led our school in an extremely professional, friendly and energetic manner. We benefitted greatly from Michael’s willingness to continue to lead our school with continuity and stability.  I hope we have an opportunity in term 4 to officially thank him as a whole school community.

My thanks also to our dedicated staff and parents for your patience and support of myself and the Board to manage this important appointment on the school’s behalf.  At all times we have strived for transparency before and during the advertising, selection and appointment process.  I sincerely believe Jane’s appointment is in the best interests of our school and our children’s educational future.

As always, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or queries.

My best wishes to all of our students, parents and staff for a safe and enjoyable school holidays, ready for a productive and rewarding last term for 2016.



Justine Burnett

School Board Chair

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