P&C Contact List

Floreat Park Primary School

2019 P&C Contact List

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PresidentPen Melis

"With effective communication, respect and trust, we as parents can work in partnership with our wonderful school to reach our common goal - raising well rounded, confident children."

Vice-PresidentKristy Corbett

ā€œI would like to create a welcome atmosphere, particularly for new families to Floreat Park Primary School, and encourage involvement in our wonderful school community.ā€

SecretaryTroy Sinclair

"Being secretary helps connect the school and parents together so we can achieve great things for the students."

TreasurerSusan Chen

"I have a keen eye for numbers and a deep desire to guide our children morally towards becoming good citizens."
Class Rep Coord ExecAdrian Taylor

"As Class Rep Coordinator I view my role as one which facilitates clear and concise communication, for the betterment of all our kids in particular and Floreat Primary School in general."

Events ExecJenni Wilding

"Iā€™d love to create a fun environment for parents and teachers across all fundraising and social events at the school."

Grounds ExecLuke McCarter

"I want to help create outdoor environments which can both spark imagination and provide a quiet space for the kids to enjoy, utilise and interact with."

General ExecDavid Graieg

"Together we can grow a culture, to see our children flourishing to be all they can be."

Comms ExecLiz Lockett
CanteenBec O'Brien

"The canteen sub-committee convener communicates canteen matters to the P&C and oversees the operation of the canteen to ensure it provides a valuable service to our school community."

UniformsLouise Phelan
Sophie Torrisi
Belinda Hart

ā€œ We hope all children wear their uniform to identify with Floreat Park Primary School and develop a sense of personal pride and belonging. "

Safety HouseAnna Leshchinskaya

"As a Safety House WA volunteer, I am raising awareness of this initiative amongst the parents while working together as a community to maximize the safety of our children."
Book ClubAmanda Herbert

"I am a passionate reader and take every opportunity to promote and encourage reading. Floreat Park Primary School has a strong relationship with the Scholastic Book Club which I hope to continue to foster in my role as the coordinator."
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