Here is an opportunity to teach your children about giving to those less fortunate.

We invite you to do this shared experience with your child(ren) selecting things to go in a Christmas box that will be delivered to  children in the South West who would not otherwise get gifts at Christmas time.

We have had a wonderful response from our families for the last two years. It has made Christmas so special for kids in our own backyard who would normally go without.

This is a voluntary program for interested families throughout the school.

What you Do:-

  1. Buy a box about the size of a shoe box from stores such as Red Dot

This is part of the gift.

  1. Select the age and sex to buy for.

Girl or Boy: Age from 2 years up to 16+years

  1. Fill the box with goodies from the 6 SOMETHINGS listed below.

Let your children fill the box with Christmas surprises for WA children  who are less fortunate.

Do not seal the box. Ribbon is fine though.

The 6 something’s: They must be brand new!

Something TO LOVE

e.g. soft cuddly toy, doll, or teddy

Something TO EAT

e.g. a packet of lollies, lolly pops, NOT chocolate

Something TO WEAR

e.g. clothes, beanies, caps, Tee-shirts, knickers, jewellery, thongs, shoes or socks.

Something TO PLAY WITH

e.g. marbles, yoyo, cars, dolls, games, lego, cards,

(NO war toys)

Something TO WRITE or DRAW with

e.g. colouring in books, note books, pencils with sharpeners, crayons, textas.

Something TO WASH with

e.g. toothpaste and brush, brush & comb, flannel, soap, bubble bath


Please deliver all completed shoeboxes to Miss Watt in Room2 by Friday October 30th. Clearly mark the age and sex of the child on the outside of the box . Thankyou.

Any questions Email Ros Watt :

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